Laurie Lemans’ A-Z part two

Watch out for those teethWelcome back, my Gentle friends! I have been travelling through other dimensions and have discovered that spacetime isn’t the same in all parts of the galaxy…  Thus for me time appeared to pass in a most languorous manner allowing for much indulgence in lengthy cheese-eating. However, on my return, I realised considerable time had passed for you earthlings! Most interesting!

And now, we return to the lovely Ms Lemans who has kindly provided us with some further fascinating insights into her world via her A-Z. Today we move onto letters C, D and E which funnily enough I also find to be pleasing chords.

 The letter Cis for…..


Croissants, mmmmm


Delicious, warm, buttery, French croissants - how can one resist?

Nauga grabs for food














Cheese (for all you Cheese Freaks!)

Cheese photo by Jonathan Knowles

Cheese photo by Jonathan Knowles for Journey EP



Colargol bear

Colargol 60s French animated bear


Album cover for Czerkinsky

Czerkinsky album cover












Capsule Parismatic album


Metal cactus at Manrique's Cactus Garden in Lanzarote

Metal cactus at Manrique's Jardin de Cactus in Lanzarote



The letter Dis for…..

Dougee Dimensional


Dougee Dimensional


Danger Diabolik

Danger Diabolik

Stil from the film Danger Diabolik


The letter Eis for….


Brian Eno 1974











Exotic tiki illustration