Hawaiian or Space? Or perhaps a nice chunk of Camembert….

Tasty chunks of Camembert cheese

mmmmm Camembert

I am feeling very confused today! The ancient conundrum that is the question “Hawaiian or Space” is perplexing me. I am having to consider this over a nice cheese selection. I always find a little Camembert helpful if there is a tricky decision to be made. Especially Camembert made by Uncle Berbert.

I am considering this question as I am choosing my outfit to wear this Friday. Dougee Dimensional has told me that Honeymink is going to appear as a guest on Radio Readymade with his good self and Felacity Dickman this Friday. 9-11pm PST which is perfectly aligned with our Naugalyne evening. We shall be listening in as we dance under the starlight. This radio show is the ideal time for a celebration the likes of which we are well-known for throughout the universe. Us Naugae are expecting much reference to our good selves and hopefully a few song or two may even feature my good self.

Spacesuit from The Fox is Black Space Suit of the Week

Man not enjoying his spacesuit as he should

With every celebration an appropriate outfit is essential. Spacesuits are certainly fun although this chap doesn’t seen too enamoured.

Hawaiian shirts can be dazzling and these pillow shirts could be a lot of fun in low gravity.

Five patterned shirts two red, a green, blue and yellow

Puffy pillows in Hawaiian patterns

Perhaps I should wear a spacesuit made of Hawaiian material? I may well be the belle of the ball in that number. Hmmm, a bite more Camembert may help me settle the matter.

Next week I have a lovely surprise for you all. I am featuring again in yet another Gentle People video. I can reveal no more as yet but watch this space, my little cheese freaks! Your appetites will truly be sated.

Yours naughtily

Nauga x